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I said a little prayer just before dawn and then another at the end of the morn.
Along came Asr as school ended for the day, then Magrib came as the sun went away.
Isha came as the moon rose high then I jumped into my bed and closed my eyes!


I have a baby sister,
I love her very much
she smiles at me and chuckles,
every time I touch.
We didn't have her last year -
she came just a month ago,
thank you Allah so very much
because I love her so!
If you have a baby brother, why not change the word "sister" to "brother"!


I have two angels that follow me
wherever I may go,
one of them is quick to write,
the other one is slow.
The one who is quick to write
is when I'm being good
the other doesn't like to write
even when he should!
The one who doesn't like to write
is when I'm being bad
he wants to hear me say "I'm sorry,"
to my mum and dad.
And when I say "I'm sorry Allah,
I won't do that again,"
he rubs away the bad deed
marked against my name.

The one who is quick to write,
writes the good I try to do,
even, when it doesn't work out just right
he writes that one down too,
so when I get to Paradise
waiting there for me
will be lots of lovely presents -
oh, how happy I will be!

Yes, you really do have two angels with you all the time, one on your right side and the other on your left side. One day, if you are very, very, very good you might see them. And did you know that if you were trying to do something good, such as clearing the table, and say you accidentally dropped a plate, you will still get the reward of doing something good because it was your intention to do something good.


Little stars up in the sky
you light the heavens way up high.
Allah has placed you there to shine
you are amongst His wondrous signs.

Big yellow moon with silvery light
you shine for travelers in the night,
remember how once you split in two
obeying our Prophet* for all to view.

Then as your term has been ordained
your luster fades and starts to wane,
then you became a crescent small,
at other times you're not there at all!

*Praise and peace be upon him

Did you know that once as Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, was out walking with some of his companions on the night of the full moon several unbelievers saw him and mocked saying: "Split the moon in two, if you are a Prophet!" Well, Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, never did anything without the permission of Allah so he supplicated to Him and the moon split in two so that one half appeared on the right side of the mountain and the other on the left. It was a great miracle, some believed him but most still refused to believe and even called him a magician!


Springtime brings fresh flowers
bursting from the earth,
little lambs skip merrily
upon the new green turf.
Summer comes a knocking,
knocking at the door,
the sun shines very brightly
making people sore!
Then along comes autumn
dressed in red and gold,
blustery winds come suddenly
making night-time cold!
Slowly, silently winter creeps
in her icy cloak,
fires are lit in the hearth
with fluffy puffs of smoke!
Each and every season
Allah has made for you and me
to marvel at His wonders
and praise Him thankfully.


Before mankind lived upon this earth
Adam was created without father or birth.
Allah made him from different colored clay
so that is why our skins are colored in this way.
Some of us are dark and others a kind of white
its only our belief and deeds that separate us in His Sight!

Did you know that Adam was the first Prophet of Allah and that the first thing he did when he fell to earth from Paradise was to sneeze, then say Al Hamdulillah - praise be to Allah? Now you know why we say Al Hamdulillah when we sneeze.


Our rooster with a bright red comb
flew up on top of our farmstead home,
he looked around, then raised his head
and crowed to wake us from our bed.
"Time for prayer," is what he said,
so we said our prayer and went back to bed!

Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, heard some people complaining about a rooster that crowed and woke them up just before dawn, but the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, told them not to speak ill of the rooster - can you guess why? By the way, did you know that floppy piece of red skin on a rooster's head is called a comb, funny isnít it?


Ramadan is here at last
it is the month in which we fast.
At its end we celebrate Eid
by giving charity to those in need!


praise and peace be upon him
When truth was lost and hearts were frozen
from You, Allah, came a Prophet, chosen.
Blessed Prophet Muhammad obedient to You
taught us the things we ought to do.
He taught us for certain that You are One
that You have neither a daughter, nor son.
He taught us to be good to our mother and father
and that Paradise lies under the feet of our mother.
I love you my Prophet and sing your praise
and follow your Sunnah, Prophetic ways.
One day I will come to visit your tomb,
inshaAllah, that day will be very soon!

Did you know that Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, is buried in the Mosque of Medina and that when Prophet Jesus returns, and finally dies just before the end of the world he will be buried next to him?


Two little girls were playing in the sun,
one wore a scarf, the other wore none.
"Why do you wear a scarf?" asked the one without,
the other little girl said without a doubt,
"Allah loves me to cover my hair
so that little boys won't stand and stare,
and when I grow up, what I really want to be
is a well dressed Muslim lady like my pretty Mummy!"


Butterfly, butterfly
fragile little flutter-by,
you fly held in unseen Hands
across the fields and over the land.

You can do what I can't do,
Allah has made you so,
you fly with ease from flowers to trees
as you flutter your wings in the summer's breeze.

And I can do what you can't do,
Allah has made me so.
I can ride my bike and have lots of fun
as I play all day in the summer's sun!


Thank You Allah for all that You give,
some times I'm naughty, but please forgive.
Please teach me to be good every day
and let my heart be ready, willing to pray.
Thank You Allah for Your Prophet* who I love
please raise him in rank in Paradise above.

*Praise and peace be upon him

Did you know that we will all be given ranks in Paradise. If we have been very good Allah will give us a high rank. Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, will have the best and highest rank in Paradise.


I saw a nice book
that had fallen on the ground,
I picked it up and wanted it
then I looked around.
Did anybody see me,
was there anyone about?
No, so I slipped it inside my sweater,
closed the door and then crept out.

Then I saw my friends
down by the willow tree,
they called my name as they waved
shouting out for me.
I forgot what I had done
and ran off to them to play,
I didn't see my teacher
standing not far away.

And as we played and ran about
I didn't happen to see,
my teacher walking slowly,
walking towards me.
Then to my shame the book slipped
and then fell down,
my teacher just looked at me
and gave me such a frown.

She knew just what I had done,
I felt that I was bad,
as a great big tear rolled down my cheek
I felt so very sad.
For I knew that I must never take
what does not belong,
I knew that stealing something
is very, very wrong.

I told her I was sorry,
and I wouldn't do it again,
so she wiped away my tears
for she knew I felt ashamed.
She told me I was forgiven
and I could start anew
Because I'd learned my lesson well
and knew what I mustn't do.

Did you know that, although we often forget, Allah is watching us each minute of the day? There is nothing we do that He does not see, even if we hide in a cupboard, He can still see us. But, when we do something wrong and are really sorry and ask Him to forgive us, He is so kind and merciful that He will forgive us and we can start again, but we have to try hard not to do the same thing again.


O Mummy dear, O mummy dear,
why do trees bow in the wind?
My darling child, my darling child,
they bow in obedience to Him.
O Mummy dear, O mummy dear,
how many leaves grow upon trees?
My darling child, my darling child,
Allah alone knows the number of these.
O Mummy dear, O mummy dear,
who should I love best?
My darling child, my darling child,
it's Allah and His Prophet*,
the kind, the blessed.

*Praise and peace be upon him

Did you know that we should love Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, more than any other person, even more than our parents and more than ourselves?


One day when I was feeling ill
a sparrow flew onto my window sill.
He didn't see me tucked up in bed
as he pecked away at a piece of bread.

I thought of how he could fly
when I, in bed could only lie.
I thought how Allah had made him small
and then of dinosaurs, and giraffes so tall.

I thought of many, many things
some with four legs, others with wings.
I thought how wonderful Allah is
because everything around me is really His!

Did you know that everything we have really belongs to Allah, even your favorite toy? Allah is the Owner of all things. He has made some people rich to see if they will remember that it is only through His blessing they are rich and He watches how they spend their wealth. Some rich people do a lot of good work by giving some of their wealth away in the Name of Allah, and then there are some poor people who wish they could do the same but can't because they have nothing to give. But Allah is so kind and merciful that He will reward the poor person with exactly the same reward He gives to the rich person. Why? Just because the poor person said to his or herself: "If only I had a lot of money, I would spend in the Name of Allah like that rich person."


I wish I had Aladdin's lamp
I know just what I'd do -
I'd rub it hard and wish to be
in Paradise with you!

Every Muslim should want the same good things he or she wants for themselves for other Muslims.


In winter when I'm fast asleep
outside my windows angels creep,
dusting everywhere around
with snow upon the frozen ground.

So when the sun begins to rise
and sheds its rays across the sky,
the world sparkles like diamonds bright
as it glistens in the new days light.


The sun beat down on the desert parched
as over it Abra's army marched.
Its aim to destroy Ka'ba with the elephant's might
and kill many Meccans in a fierce fight!

As the elephant approached Ka'ba most fair
it stopped in defiance and just stood there.
Somehow, even the poor dumb elephant knew
the destruction of Ka'ba is strictly taboo.

Beaten so hard because it refused
with bars of iron, severely abused,
but nothing would make the elephant march
even though its beating was terribly harsh.

Abdul Muttalib, the noble, the wise
said to the Koraysh in haste - "Go and hide,
Allah will protect Ka'ba this day
go now to the hills not far away!"

Suddenly, the sky was filled with birds
the Koraysh stared in amazement - lost for words!
Allah had sent birds with stones
to pelt the army and break their bones.

Abra, the wicked leader of them all
was hit hard by the stones that fell in the squall,
his death didn't come straight away
in pain he lingered for many a day.

Allah had saved Ka'ba in a miraculous way
and no one forgot the events of that day.
The Meccans returned to their homes once more
in wonderment of the miracle they saw.

That was the Year of the Elephant,
a year in which there was another event!
A babe was born, the last Prophet to be
Muhammad* his name, sent for you and me!

*Praise and peace be upon him

Did you know that Abdul Muttalib was the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, and that he looked after him when his mother, Lady Aminah died?


Last night I imagined an angel came
and took me by the hand
we flew together far away
over sea and land.
We landed on a hilltop high
and looked down upon a town
and saw a group of people
with children playing around.

Then came a man dressed in white
whose perfume filled the air
the children stopped their playing
and sat in silence there.
This noble man had a face that shone
talked with words so kind,
that tears just rolled down their cheeks,
a dry eye I could not find.

He spoke of Allah, our Creator
and that he was sent to guide
not just to that group of people
but to the world so wide.
I asked the angel: "Who is that man,
where is this lovely place?"
He told me: "Prophet Muhammad*,
in Medina, City of Grace."

He told me that this noble Prophet
had been given the Book so true
that teaches us what's right and wrong
and tells us what to do.
The Book is named "Al Koran"
the Book Allah protects,
the Book so fine and full of truth
pure, without defect.

Then I imagined he told me
it was time to go,
I felt my heart was going to break
I loved the Prophet so.
The angel looked at me with pity
and smiled a gentle smile
so we drifted down the hillside
and stood a little while.

I learned something I will never forget
that Allah is the only One,
that He is Eternal and
does not need a son.
I learned He has neither
a beginning nor an end
that He is Self-Sufficient
and His Religion is Islam.

O how I wish I'd been a child
in those years long past
then I wouldn't have to imagine
what's deep inside my heart.
One day when I am older
I hope that I will go
to Mecca and Medina
for I love our Prophet* so.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to walk
where once he had been
to gaze upon the mountains
and remember what he had seen.
To glorify Allah at Ka'ba
so noble and most fair
to thank Him for our Prophet*
and for His loving care.

*Praise and peace be upon him.

I would really like to have been able to use the word "dreamt" instead of "imagined" but in Islam it is forbidden to claim you had a dream or vision of an angel when you did not. InshaAllah, one day Allah will bless me with such a nice dream, wouldn't that be nice!


Some animals make their homes in trees
so do some insects and busy honey bees,
whilst others burrow away in the earth so deep
then curl up inside for a winter-time sleep.
Camels live in the desert hot and dry
storing water in humps so they don't die!
Yet the Polar bear with his fur coat so nice
has to fish through a hole he has made in the ice!
No matter whether animals are big or small
they give thanks to Allah who created them all!


With lightness of foot the gentle camel came
fearing to jolt the Prophet* holding its rein.
With grace it had moved over the hot desert sand
obeying the touch of its kind master's hand.

A cloud had shaded them on their way
shielding them from the fierce sun's rays.
When they reached Medina children raced to his side,
as the Prophet* greeted them they patted his ride.

"Where shall we build the Mosque", they all inquired
as the Prophet rode his camel that was happy, yet tired.
"Be patient," he said, "in a moment you'll see
where the camel takes its rest that's the place it will be."

When the camel sat down in a very blessed place
happiness spread over everyone's face.
They knew where they should build at last
and fetched wood and palms - very fast.

A fine, yet humble Mosque stood upon that site
and there the Prophet* worshipped both day and night.
Everyone thanked Allah for the safety of his ride,
for the camel that carried him and those by his side!

*Praise and peace be upon him.
The name of the Prophet's camel was "Kaswa" and his companion was Abu Bakr


All was quiet, the night was still
when the Prophet* was awakened by Angel Jibril.
Winged Burack trembled by Ka'ba in wait
to carry the Prophet* to Jerusalem's gate.

That night Burack had been ordered to carry but one
the best of humanity, Abdullah's son.
He knew the importance of his blessed mission
for he carried no one except by Allah's permission.

Over deserts and valleys Burack raced,
each stride was as far as his sight could reach.
Over mountain tops with his legs raised so high
they passed smoothly over without effort or sigh!

At Jerusalem's Mosque prophets waited patiently to greet
our Prophet* whose perfume was delicately sweet.
Then as Jibril took his hand and they arose
above the sky to heavenly abodes.

Through veils of light in a gossamer haze
they visited more prophets as they passed on their way,
as the heavens rejoiced in such ecstasy
at the predestined meeting near the Lote Tree.

*Praise and peace be upon him

This journey is one of our Prophet's most important miracles. In those days it use to take several months to journey to and from Jerusalem by camel but he traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem and returned in just one night, added to which was the extra special journey through the seven heavens! As for Burack, he is a very special animal from Paradise. He is white and looks similar to a horse, however, he has wings on his thighs. As for Burack's size he is smaller than a horse yet larger than a donkey.


There once was a greedy boy
who didn't want to share his toys
when his friends came to play
he would hide his toys away!

Soon his friends stayed away
and he felt lonely until one day
he saw a lad he thought was poor
playing happily outside his door.

His toys were broken, none were new
yet he seemed happy - could this be true?
Just then the lad saw the lonely boy
and called, "Come and play, I'll share my toys".

"This is strange", thought the greedy boy
he's happy playing with those old toys,
I'll bring mine so that we can play,
and together they played happily all that day.

He had learned it's nice to share
especially with those who have little to spare.
His heart felt good, now he knew
that this is what Allah wanted him to do!


The cats were fed, the curtains drawn,
my eyes grew sleepy, I began to yawn.
I said my prayers then snuggled up in bed
pulling the sheets around my head.

Outside the wind howled with its biting chill
whilst the clock ticked away the minutes, until
at last I drifted off to sleep
till the light of dawn through my window did creep.

I rubbed my eyes and said my prayer -
when I drew the curtains I just stood and stared
everywhere was cloaked in purest white
as snow flakes danced - what a breath-taking sight!

The flakes whirled about like a dervish dance
as I watched the wind toss them they seemed to chant,
exalting Allah in His Glory and Might
what a blessed reminder - my heart's delight!


Why are fish so slippery
with bones that are sharp and prickly?
Why do they have eyes on the side of their face
and swim in shoals when bigger fish chase?

Their world is quite unlike that of the land
they can't even live on the soft wet sand!
Yet Allah lets me swim in the sea
and play in the sand, then go home for tea!


When coyotes howl on a moonlit night
and the owl spreads its wings in silent flight,
when you and I are tucked up in bed
somewhere in the world its time for prayers to be said.

Isn't it nice to know that Allah is being praised every moment of the day and night!


Isn't it funny how a tiny grub
can chomp its way through a hard piece of wood
gnawing its way deep inside a tree
its hole so small, you can hardly see!

Look how Allah created him
without any bones and a jelly-like skin,
yet daddy has to work so hard
to split logs of wood in our back yard!

The wonders of Allah you will always find
if you just look around and open your mind,
wherever you look you're bound to discover
so many miracles of one kind or another!

Each creation has its own special place and purpose in the planning of Allah. Some of us may be clever at something whereas others find it hard, but that is no reason to look down on someone and think you are better than them, after all they might well be better at something we find hard to do. Think about the example in this poem. We have a tiny grub that has no trouble at all making a hole in a hard piece of wood and then there is the father, who is millions of times bigger and stronger than the grub, yet he has difficulty chopping the wood!


Wouldn't it be very nice
to live near the Prophet* in Paradise!
*Praise and peace be upon him


My heart has something special to say
its "Subhan Allah" each and every day.
Almighty is He above all things
the more I praise Him, the more my heart sings.
When I say "Subhan Allah" a hundred times
He forgives one thousand sins of mine
or, He gives in its place
one thousand rewards from His Grace.
Thank You Allah for Your generous reward
I am so blessed to know You are my Lord!

Isn't Allah kind to us! If we just remember to praise Him by saying Subhan Allah 100 times, He gives us so much, and it only takes us a few minutes to say. Why not start off by saying Subhan Allah ten times a day and gradually build up to the hundred. You will be surprised how quickly you reach the hundred!


The day will come when a man claims
he is the messiah and brings clouds full of rain.
Written on his forehead there will be
a sign for believers to read and see.
The sign will read KAFIR, if you see it you'll know
not to believe him or to Hell you will go!

This man will perform magic in a way never seen
that they'll appear as miracles sent from the unseen.
But his magic is from satan, the stoned cursed one
who longs for our souls when our lives are done.
If he comes during your time, trust Allah and you'll see
He has not forsaken you, but sent Al Mahdi.

At the Mosque on the Mount of Jerusalem fair
Al Mahdi will fight and
make his stand there.
Then, at last such blessed relief will come
as Jesus, the true Messiah descends - Mary's son!
When ad-dajjal, the false messiah sees Jesus is here
he will tremble then shrink - struck with fear.

But Jesus* will call - ad-dajjal can't get away
for when he leaves the Mosque, the false messiah he'll slay.
Peace and truth will at last be restored
as Jesus destroys the error surrounding his word.
He will proclaim that Allah is One
that he is His worshiper - not His son.

*Peace be upon all the Prophets of Allah

The false messiah will come just before the end of the world. The world will be in a terrible condition; lots of people will starve on account of a severe drought. When ad-dajjal, (the Arabic name for the false messiah) comes he will use his magic to make rain, but won't give water to anyone unless they follow him, and he will do a lot of very bad things, but we must not give up hope. Allah will send Al Mahdi who will prepare the way for Prophet Jesus. After Jesus has killed the false messiah, the rain will come again, the famine will be over and Islam will be practiced just like it was during the time of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him; it will be a very happy, blessed time.


What shall I do today
shall I go outside and play?
Or, shall I help my mum instead
wash the dishes and make the beds
for when I help her angels write
something good about me in Allah's sight.


A long time ago in Medina most fair
a man named Abu Hurayrah once live there.
How did he get his name do you suppose -
'twas because of a kitten that curled up in his clothes!

Abu means father, and Hurayrah means kitten. Abu Hurayrah was one of the Prophet's closest companions. He would go everywhere with the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, and memorize what he said and those sayings are called "Hadith". It is through Abu Hurayrah and companions like him that we know a lot about what the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, taught and did.


Isn't it wonderful how Allah permits
the oceans to carry big iron ships
and planes to fly through the clouds so high
leaving trails of white across the sky.
Allah has given us brains to use
so don't close your mind or you're sure to lose
use your brain
in His Name
and you just might be
a scientist on the brink of discovery!


Did you know the pigeons
that fly around Ka'ba today
are descended from those two pigeons
that kept the Koraysh away,
away from the cave
beyond the Holy City
where Muslims were persecuted
without sympathy or pity.
The cave in which our Prophet* stayed
during his migration
over which a spider spun its web
without the slightest hesitation!

*Praise and peace be upon him
When you go to Mecca, I am sure you will see pigeons flying around Ka'ba, so don't forget they are not ordinary pigeons, they are very special pigeons. Did you know that Abu Bakr was the Prophet's companion in the Cave?


When the leaves change color
and fall from the trees,
when Jack Frost tweaks your nose
and makes you sneeze,
when the fire crackles away
in the old wood stove,
and you put on your slippers
to warm your toes.
Don't forget those
without a home
who roam the streets
with no home of their own.
Don't forget they are hungry
and tired
pray for them and ask
Allah to guide.
Then thank Allah for your blessings
for it could have been you
wandering the streets
with hands numb and blue.


The sun didn't come out today
he's such a sleepy-head
he snuggled down amongst the clouds
and spent the day in bed,
and as the angels drove the clouds
drops of rain began to fall
gently caressing the fresh green leaves
of trees so elegant and tall.
Then I remembered what our Prophet* said
about a good word spoken,
its roots are like an established tree -
its branches reach the heaven!

*Praise and peace be upon him


Have you ever watched a fly
climbing up a wall,
then watched it cross the ceiling
and wondered why it didn't fall?
And isn't it amazing how
under each of its two wings
lie a tiny sack of fluid
amongst some other things.
In one sack is a poison
that can make us ill,
yet in the other an antidote
that cures, by Allah's will.
This is yet another truth
that Prophet Muhammad* brought
so that people everywhere
may pause and give a thought!

*Praise and peace be upon him.

Did you know that it was only in last century that scientists discovered the two sacks of fluid under the wing of a fly? You can imagine their surprise when they found one contained poison and the other its cure, and even more surprising to them was the fact that Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, told his companions about these two sacks of fluid over fourteen centuries ago!


Don't forget to say "Bismillah"
when you eat your food
because that shaytan of yours
is very, very rude!
From each and every mouthful
you pop inside your mouth
he yums some up like crazy
of that there is no doubt!
But when you say "Bismillah"
he hates it, and runs away
because he knows you love Allah
and His Prophet* you obey.
However, if you do forget, say
"Bismillah in its beginning and end"
and that shaytan of yours will vomit
and you'll have made amends!

*Praise and peace be upon him.

One day, a very hungry man sat down to eat in front of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, and forgot to say Bismillah. It wasn't until he was just about to pop the last handful of food into his mouth that he remembered so he quickly said: "Bismillah in its beginning and end". The Prophet had been watching him and when he heard him say this he told him that until that moment he had seen shaytan eating his food with him, but as soon as shaytan heard him say "Bismillah in its beginning and end" he vomited and ran away!


Around every corner
at each and every bend,
lurks that wicked shaytan who pretends
to be your friend.
Sometimes he whispers in your ear
"Do it, it can't hurt!"
You listen and you do it then realize
he's nothing but a jerk!
For what you did seemed nearly OK
at that moment in time
but it was shaytan's cunning
that tricked your little mind!

Yes, shaytan does try to trick us but we can't lay the blame on him when we do something by saying "Shaytan made me do it". We must be responsible for what we do and think before we do it, after all we must remember that shaytan is very happy when we do something wrong because he does not want us to go to Paradise.


There are three little words
and although they're only small
they help you and others
to feel at least ten feet tall.
Those words are "please" and "thank you"
they always bring a smile
and make you think nice thoughts
and chase of shaytan's guile.

A smile is also charity
it softens a hardened heart
and makes for happy memories
when you're far apart.
These little things are simple
they help the world go round
and one good thing leads to another
and banishes a frown

Harsh words are destructive
they let shaytan in
and lead you down a path
that more often leads to sin!
Be kind to others around you,
spare a thought for their needs
and never, ever, forget to say "thank you"
and always ask with "please".

Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, taught us to say "Bismillah" before we start to do something, he also taught us to have good manners and not to be angry. Saying "please" and "thank you" are part of being good mannered.


Even if things didn't go to well at school today
and someone made you mad
don't come home from school then
take it out on Mum and Dad.
They love you and you should treat them well,
why not talk it over with them,
for after all they're not just Mum and Dad
they are your very best friends!


A holy man came knocking,
knocking at a door
but the people looked down on him
thinking he was poor.
True his clothes were old,
tattered, faded, torn,
true his socks had holes in them
and his shoes were worn.
He asked them in the Name of Allah
to help him in this way
but the door was closed upon him
and he was turned away.

His way was that of the Prophet*
who warned and brought good news
of the Path so very straight,
a path that will never loose.
Reminding that this present life
soon fades and is but a delusion
but shaytan promotes and decorates it
and tricks with his confusion.
Yet the life of the world to come
is eternal, it never ends
and is either full of happiness
or punishment for shaytan's friends.

His way called back to the Prophet's
where the heart finds rest
where when a good deed is done
it never goes unblessed.
Its reward is more than doubled,
multiplied much more
for doing even the smallest good deed
great treasures lie in store.
Yet when we fall into sin
we are punished just for one
unless we ask for forgiveness
then it counts as none.

That night, alone yet humbly
he prayed unto his Lord
for poverty mattered not to him
his Lord he adored.
And as he lay down to sleep
sweet angels cradled him
then took away his soul so gently
he did not feel a thing.

Then to the house the angels went
to make another call
to take away the soul of the one,
who had closed the door.
His rank and wealth were of no account
they were but a trial for him,
he had forgotten his wealth belonged to Allah
and could free him from his sin,
for he had become arrogant
delighting in rank and wealth
neglecting his precious soul by
promoting the ego of his self.
Sad indeed was his condition
as his family laid him to rest,
spending upon his impoverished soul
flowers and whatever they thought best.

But around the holy man's grave there grew
flowers with perfume sweet
whilst birds flew singing happily
his contented soul to greet.
Happiness indeed was his,
now his trial was done
for he'd been shown his place in Paradise
the place that he had won.
For him no more tiredness
just sweet, perfected rest
a reward for obeying Allah and His Messenger*
the reward that's richly blessed.


Tonight I saw a shooting star
way up in the sky
it was there for just a minute
as it sailed quickly by.
Then I remembered how the Koran tells
about the eavesdropping jinn
that journeyed to the lower heavens
just to listen in.
They used to journey so far away
to listen and to learn
about the future of mankind and
then to earth return.
But Allah put a stop to this
for mischief some would make
so nowadays there waits for them
flames, and guards awake!


Don't tell tales about others
even when they're true
because that sort of thing
just isn't nice to do!
Look for good in everyone
and you will surely find
that angels are pleased with you
because you're very kind.
But, be wise about others
and learn from their mistakes
and turn the situation into
one which shaytan hates,
for he is waiting for you
each moment of the day,
but you know much better now
that's why you turn away.
Our Prophet* and his family
never said a word unkind
so follow his example
for he's the best of all mankind!

*Peace and blessings be upon him and his family

The companions were always kind to their servants, they ate the same food and were never treated badly. One day an ungrateful servant broke the leg of a companionís sheep. When the companion saw the poor sheep he asked what happened, so the ungrateful servant told him that he had broken its leg just to make him angry. When the companion heard this, instead of being angry, he thought to himself, "I will turn this situation into one that shaytan will hate!" So instead of punishing him he said to his servant: "Go, you are a freeman."


I have a tabby pussy cat
her coat is soft and gray,
she rubs around my legs and purrs
when she wants to play.
She does so many funny things
which always make me laugh
then stops right in the middle of them
and licks herself, to take a pussy bath!
At night she curls up tight
at the bottom of my bed
then wakes me up for Fajr prayer
because I'm such a sleepy head.
She really is a special cat
I thank Allah for her
and know she's happy to be my friend
because of her loud purrrrrr!

Her name is "Momma"


Busy, busy, busy,
hurry, hurry, hurry!
That should have been done yesterday
worry, worry, worry!
What is this life all about
who is the real me,
what is the purpose of my being
is this my destiny?
Working hard nine-to-five
and then some overtime
life is just streaking by -
I'm about to lose my mind!
Do I really need all life's frills
with ever growing visa bills
working hard for two weeks vacation
of fun and sun in compensation!
Stop the world, I need to think,
is there nothing to life but this
or is there something more meaningful
something I have missed?

Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, always lived a simple life. He was satisfied with whatever Allah sent him, and was neither greedy, nor did he want lots of things. In fact, when he was given gifts he would always give them to needy people. There is nothing wrong in being rich. After all you can do a lot of good things for others with it, but we must remember not to become slaves to the world like the person in the poem. Because when we become slaves to the world, there is the danger that we will be so busy thinking of things that we forget Allah and His Prophet, praise and peace be upon him.


Goodnight little darling, sleep tight,
may angels protect you this night.
Sweet dreams little darling, until the new day
then wake fresh in the morning, ready to pray.


Last night I couldn't go to sleep
so I got up and said a prayer,
because I know itís a good thing to do
and angels are always there.
And I know for this prayer lies
a very great reward
in Paradise where treasures especially
for me are stored!


Far away where the grass was green and lush
where hedgerows were home to a speckled thrush,
where a tiny wren I mistook for a mouse
gathered twigs to build its frail little house.
Where the buttercup nodded it's bright yellow head
as a ladybird rested on its petals with wings spotted and red.
Where the only sound was the whisper of the wind in the trees,
the gentle cooing of doves and the hum of bees,
where the sky was blue with puffs of white
as the sun warmed gently with its delicate light.
Where I ran through the meadow without a care
under the protection of Allah who was always there,
those are the happy days of childhood I recall
when I was young with no cares at all.

In England where I grew up, a ladybug is called a ladybird, I think it is prettier name don't you? By the way, a wren is a very, very small brown bird about the size of a mouse.


Many years ago when I was young like you
there were so very many things that I liked to do.
I would ride my bike down the country lanes
over hills and valleys then back again
and paddle in a crystal stream
catch fish with my net and dream
that one day I would catch a fish so fine
and bring it home so we might dine.
But, in those days I didn't know how to pray
and never thanked Allah for those lovely days.
I did not know there was more to life than this
and never knew what I had missed.
But as I grew Allah guided me
and my heart is much happier now
for now I stand in worship to praise Him
and bow with those who bow.
Insha Allah


"Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds"
are words we repeat five times a day
but have you ever stopped to think
what those words really say?
They are words in praise of Allah
who creates different forms of life
for it is an easy thing for Him to do
without tiredness or strife.
He created not just our human world
but worlds both great and small
of animals, insect and fish,
of flowers and so much more.
Each has its own kingdom
which is special to its kind
and all praise our Creator
because their hearts arenít blind.
Trees are obedient to Him
and bow down to Him in the wind
Whilst rocks fall down from mountain slopes
in remembrance and fear of Him.
Even though we cannot hear them
stones sing out His praise -
remember how they greeted our beloved Prophet*
as he journeyed on his way?
None of these worlds forget Him
and praise Him in their special way
So let us remember that it is He who created us all
when we stand together and pray.

*Praise and peace be upon him


Have you ever thought about your skin
how it keeps the outside out and your inside in?
And have you noticed when you cut your knee
how your skin recovers rapidly.
Skin covers us from head to toe
and grows with us as we grow.
When we laugh we've seen it change shape
and turn quite pale when we stay up late.
Now stop for a while in amazement and linger
and look at the skin upon your fingers,
those prints belong to you and no other
not even your sister or even your brother.
Each finger print is different, no one on earth has the same
Allah has made them specially for you so why not
stretch your brain
and start to recognize His miracles that are with us every day
then remember to thank Him for them every time you pray.


So you thought you'd got away with it
because you're pretty smart
but don't forget there's Someone else
who knows exactly what's in your heart,
you may be able to fool others
by telling the half to suit your cause
but in case it slipped your mind
we're all subject to Allah's laws.
Deeds are judged by intention
from that there's no escape
and remember angels watch over you
and in readiness await
to see if you will mend your ways
and right what you did wrong
even if it means your face turns red
it won't last for very long.
Admitting you were the one at fault
and facing the consequence
I am sure you will agree with me
it makes a lot of sense!
You'll feel so much better about yourself
and soon have a good feeling inside
because you were upright and faced the truth
and pushed away your pride!


As the sun slips away
at the end of the day,
as stars twinkle on high
in the dark night sky,
as the moon peeks through clouds laced with light,
and peace descends as we sleep in the still of the night,
angels delight in exaltation, praising their Lord
while the pious recite the Koran, His unchanging Word
we are cradled in comfort till the dawn brings a new day
when we stir from our bed intending to pray,
then angels wing with our prayers through heavenly skies
to place them before the Throne of Allah, the Most High.


Bluebells and daffodils,
Violets and primroses,
Sparrows building their nests
In bushes and hedgerows,
The babble of water
As it flows swiftly down stream
Nurturing its banks
With their new coats of green,
A water vole
With its eyes large and bright
Burrows away in the bank
Out of predatorís sight.
Whilst a perky squirrel
Not far away
Forages through autumnís dead leaves
Where his treasures lay,
The earth is awakened
From its winter-time sleep
As angels fulfill their duty -
A promise to keep,
And so it is that Allah
Restores all things
After death a new life
He undoubtedly brings.


We hope you have enjoyed these poems, Insha'Allah I will write some more Islamic poems for you soon.

This book is copyrighted 1993 - 2002
by Khadijah Stephens and the Mosque of the Internet