The Rare Sayings of Jesus, Translated for the First Time into English


Peace be upon him

Translated from Aramaic into Arabic by al-Ghazali (died 505/1111)
Translated from Arabic into English by
Shaykh Ahmad Darwish
The Mosque of the Internet

This information has never been available in English before today.

Imam Al Ghazali's collection of Prophet Jesus' sayings, were gathered, preserved and translated from Aramaic - the language of Jesus - into Arabic which was the language that superseded Aramaic.

These historic papers cover four booklets each related to the other:

(1) The Sayings of Jesus
Prior to the release of this book the information presented in the third section has never been available to the English reader. This section contains Imam Al Ghazali's collection of Prophet Jesus' sayings which he gathered, preserved and translated from Aramaic, the language of Jesus, into Arabic.

(2) The Sayings of Prophet Muhammad Concerning Jesus
The second section contains the authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him.

(3) The Saying of Allah, the Creator Concerning Jesus
reported by Prophet Muhammad via Imam Jafar Sedek.

(4) The description of Prophet Muhammad in Christian and Jewish Heritage
The fourth section contains the description of Prophet Muhammad preserved in the original Torah and teachings of Prophet Jesus, praise and peace be upon all the prophets.


This section was preserved during the Golden Age of Islam by the great Islamic scholar Al Ghazali, may Allah be pleased with him. Ghazali collected and preserved these prophetic sayings which were in Aramaic, the language of Jesus, then translated them  into Arabic. Without his devotion, these statements would have been lost for all time*. This is the first time that these prophetic sayings have been translated into English.

This book was written in Arabic by Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, or
Algazel as he was known to medieval Europe (died 505/1111).

His numerous works are well known, respected and quoted not
only the middle east but in the higher universities of west. His
contribution to theology and philosophy have proved to be major
cornerstones of resource throughout the centuries.

During the revival of Greek philosophy in the middle ages, many
Christians were attracted and swayed by the persuasion of Greek
logic. In an effort to protect Christianity, Christian theologians relied
upon the profound arguments of Al Ghazali to defeat the adherents
of Greek philosophy and thereby protected their religion.

Al Ghazali's works have been translated and printed in many
languages. Comparative studies have shown that Jean Jacques
Rousseau, known in the west as the pioneer of children's
education, based his ideas and methods upon the work of Al

The Shorter Encyclopedia of Islam says of Al Ghazali: "He was the
most original thinker that Islam produced and its greatest

A.J. Arberry, professor and director of the Middle East
Centre at the University of Cambridge, England referred to Al Ghazali as
being: "He was one of the greatest mystical theologians of Islam
and indeed of all mankind."

We recommend that you read "Pure Faith Defined" by Imam Ghazali in the, a translation of Imam Ghazali's greatest work, in which he explores in great detail and defines faith.

The Ghazali Collection:

"Allah, the Most-High, said to Jesus:
'O Jesus, after you I am sending a nation
that has neither kindness, nor knowledge.
When things happen to them which they love
they will exalt and give thanks,
and if things happen to them which they dislike
they will become patient
and rely upon Me.'
Jesus asked:
'O Lord, how is this their case
and they have neither kindness nor knowledge?'
Allah replied:
'I will give them from My Kindness and My Knowledge.'"

"Allah, the Most-High, advised Jesus, the son of Mary:
'O Jesus, son of Mary, advise yourself with My Wisdom,
if you benefit from it, then advise the people
otherwise be cautious of Me.'"

"Allah, the Highest, revealed to Jesus in the original* Scriptures:
Say to the Israelites:
'Whosoever fasts for My Pleasure
I will make his body sound
and his reward great.'"
* Allah confirms that the Scriptures of the Bible have been tampered with for material gain.

"Allah, the Highest, revealed to Jesus:
'O Jesus, travel from one place to another
least you should be known and harmed
by My Might and My Glory.
I will let you marry a thousand Houris*
and I will make a feast for four hundred years for you.'"

* The virgins of Paradise. This does not imply a bribe, rather it is a reward as it is the custom of hadiths to materialize a reward in response to obedience.

"In the original, unaltered, Bible it was written:
'Son of Adam,
I created you and sustained you
but you worshipped someone other than Me.
Son of Adam, I invite you and you run away from Me.
I remember you, but you forget Me.
Son of Adam, do you return and sleep wherever you like?'"

"It is written in the original, unaltered Bible:
'As you decline in morality you will be charged
and with the scale with which you measure
your measure will be fulfilled.'"

"It is written in the original, unaltered Bible:
'Do not seek the knowledge of that which you do not know
until you practice that which you know.'"

"Jesus, peace be upon him,
revived by the permission of Allah,
four spirits:
Al Adhir (Lazarus), who was his friend,
the son of an aged person,
the daughter of a man named Al Ashir
and Shem, the son of Prophet Noah.

Lazarus had been dead for several days
so Jesus supplicated to Allah
and he was revived by the permission of Allah
whilst his face perspired,
and so Lazarus lived and fathered children.

As for the son of the aged person --
Jesus was passing by when he saw his body on a bier.
So Jesus supplicated to Allah
and the boy stood up and dressed,
carried his bier upon his shoulder
and returned to his people.

As for the daughter of Al Ashir,
a night had passed since her death.
So Jesus supplicated to Allah
so she lived and bore children.

The people who witnessed these happenings said:
'You revive those who have been dead for a short-time
so maybe they were not dead merely temporarily paralyzed
so revive for us Shem,
the son of Prophet Noah.'
So he said to them:
'Show me his tomb.'
So he went with the tribe until they reached his tomb
and then supplicated to Allah.
And Shem rose up from his tomb,
his hair having turned gray.
So Jesus asked him:
'How is it that your hair has turned gray,
in your time hair used not to turn gray?'
He replied:
'O spirit of Allah,
when you called me I heard a voice
telling me to answer the spirit of Allah
so I thought the Day of Judgement had come
and out of fear my hair turned gray.'
Then Jesus asked him about the pain
of  the departure of the spirit from the body
so he answered:
'O spirit of Allah,
surely, the bitterness of the departure
never leaves my throat.'
- and he had been dead for more than four thousand years.
Then Shem said to the tribe:
'Believe him,
for surely he is a Prophet.'
But some believed and others disbelieved saying:
'This is magic.'"

"Mary gave her son, Jesus, (to learn from) bleachers and dyers.
The teacher of Jesus wished to travel so he said to Jesus:
'I have a lot of cloth to be dyed,
I have taught you the trade of dyeing, so dye them.'
So Jesus boiled the liquid in a vat
and put all the cloth in it and said:
'Be by the permission of Allah as I wish from you.'
His teacher entered whilst all the cloths were in the same vat.
When he saw them he said:
'You have spoiled them!'
Whereupon Jesus brought from the vat
cloths of red, yellow, green and so forth
according to the instructions written upon each cloth.
The teacher was amazed
and realized that this was surely from Allah,
so he invited the people to Jesus and believed his teachings.'"

"Iblis, (satan), came secretly to Jesus, the son of Mary, saying:
'Say there is no god except Allah.'
Jesus answered saying:
'It is a statement truth, but I do not say it following you.'"

"When Jesus was born the devils came to Iblis saying:
'The heads of all the statues are turned upside down!'
Iblis said: 'This is an important happening - wait!'
Then he flew to both sides of the earth
and found nothing except that
Jesus, peace be upon him, had been born
and that the angels surrounded him.
Then he returned to the devils saying:
'A Prophet was born yesterday.
There is no female who became pregnant
and gave birth without my attendance except this Lady Mary.
Be disappointed that the statues will not be worshipped after this night
but come now to the son of Adam
and mislead him through his habit of haste
and carefree feelings.'"

"One day, Jesus was sitting on a rock
when Iblis passed and said:
'O Jesus, you have been enjoying this life.'
So Jesus took the rock and threw it towards him saying:
'This is for you and for the life.'"

"Jesus, peace be upon him, said:
"Tuba (a valley or tree in Paradise)*
is for whosoever refrains from a present desire
for an absent promise
which has not yet been fulfilled.'"

* Linguistically 'Tuba' means good things, and by expression it is a valley in Paradise or a tree which is so huge that if a bird started to fly from one end to the other, its journey would consume its lifetime. 'Tuba' is the opposite to 'Wayl' which linguistically means woe, and by expression means a valley or well in Hell. It is so terrible that Hell itself asks Allah for refuge from it.

"O disciples, make your stomach hungry*
in order that your hearts see your Lord."

"O disciples, make your life hungry*
and uncover your bodies (except the privates)
in order that your heart may see your Lord."

*The meaning of these two prophetic sayings is that one should fast and be satisfied with the clothes one has and not follow the fashion of the day.

"It was reported that Jesus, peace be upon him,
remained for sixty days speaking to Allah without eating.
Then he thought about bread
so he stopped speaking
and bread was placed before is hand
whereupon he cried because
he had lost the pleasure of his conversation.
Then he found the shadow of an aged man above him
so Jesus said to him:
'May Allah bless you O Wali of Allah,
pray to Allah, the Highest, for me.
I was in a condition when bread entered my thoughts
and the condition disappeared.'
The aged man supplicated saying:
'O Allah, if You know that bread came to my thought
since I knew You, do not forgive me,
I used to eat whatever came with neither idea nor thought.'"

"Jesus would spend forty days without food."

"Be warned about looking at the opposite sex
because it seeds in the heart a desire,
and it is sufficient as a trial."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, was asked:
'Refer us to a deed through which we will enter Paradise
on account of its practice.'
He replied: "Do not speak at all.'
The inquirer said:
'We cannot do that.'
Jesus replied:
'So do not speak except with good.'"

"Four things cannot be reached without tiredness:
silence, which is the beginning of worship,
humility, with the remembrance of Allah
in both great numbers and the minimum."

"Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him,
wore clothes made from hair and ate leaves.
He had no doe to die
nor a house to be destroyed.
He never saved for tomorrow
and whenever night reached him he slept."

"Jesus sat in the shade of a wall belonging to a person.
The owner of the wall told him to move on,
so he turned to him and said:
'It is not you who turns me away,
but He who does not like me to enjoy
the shade of the wall who let me go.'"

"O children of Israel,
drink pure water,
eat wild beans,
and the barley bread,
but be warned about wheat bread
because you cannot establish its thanking."

"Look at the bird,
it neither plants, harvests nor yet saves
because Allah, the High, sustains it day after day.
If you say we have bigger stomachs,
look at the cattle
and observe how Allah, the High prepares their sustenance."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, passed by three people
whose bodies had become thin and their color changed.
So he asked of them:
'What has made you like this?'
They answered:
'Fear of Hell Fire.'
Jesus said:
'Allah has obligated upon Himself to diminish your fear.'
Then he went on his way and came across three more
who had become even more thinner and whose color had also changed.
So he said to them:
'What has made you like this?'
They answered:
'Longing for Paradise!'
He said: 'Allah has obligated upon Himself
to give you what you long for.'
Then as he traveled on he came across another three
who were even more thinner than the previous and whose color had changed.
Their faces shone like lights as if they were mirrors
so he asked them: 'What has made you like this?'
They answered: 'We love Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified.'
Whereupon he replied: 'You are the nearest, the nearest!'"

"If you find a youth in love demanding the Lord, the High,
indeed this makes him busier in His remembrance."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, passed by a man who was
blind, dumb and partially paralyzed on both his sides.
His flesh had been eaten away with leprosy
and the man said to himself:
'Praise be to Allah, who saved me
from that with which He has tried a lot of His creation.'
Jesus heard the man's innermost thoughts and inquired:
'What are the trials you have not been subjected too?'
He replied: 'O spirit of Allah,
Allah has put the knowledge of knowing Him in my heart,
so I am in a better condition than some.'
So Jesus said: 'You speak truthfully, give me your hand.'
So the man gave him his hand,
and became the best in face and physic,
and Allah recovered him from that which he use to have,
and he accompanied Jesus, peace be upon him,
and he worshipped with him."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, asked the Children of Israel:
'Where does the plant grow?'
They replied: 'In the dust.'
He said: 'By the Truth, I tell you,
wisdom does not grow except in a heart like dust.'"

"Tuba is for an eye that slept
and never intended to commit a sin
and when he awoke did not intend to sin."

"The disciples asked Jesus, son of Mary,
'O spirit of Allah,
is there someone on earth like you today?'
He replied: 'Yes, whosoever is pronouncing
the remembrance and is silent in thought,
and whose looking is a lesson,
surely he is like me.'"

"When death was mentioned to Jesus, peace be upon him,
his skin would perspire with blood."

"O disciples, supplicate to Allah, the High
that He makes the agony of death easy for me
because I fear death
in a way that my fear introduces me to death."

"Jesus, peace be upon him,
passed by a skull and nudged it with his foot
and said: 'Speak by the permission of Allah.'
So it said: 'O spirit of Allah,
I am the king of such and such a time.
When I was sitting in my kingdom
with the crown upon my head
surrounded by soldiers and servants,
suddenly, the Angel of Death appeared to me
over my royal throne, and one by one my limbs disappeared,
then my spirit left me and went with him,
so I wished that all these people would go
and I was alone.'"

"How many sound bodies,
beautiful faces
and eloquent tongues
will be screaming tomorrow
between the levels of the Fire!"

"O disciples, make your stomach hungry
in order that your hearts see your Lord."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, was asked:
'Refer us to a deed through which we will enter Paradise on its account.'
He replied: 'Do not speak at all."
The inquirer said: 'We cannot do that!'
Whereupon Jesus said: 'So do not talk except with good.'"

"Worship has ten parts.
Nine are silent
and the other part is running away from people."

"Whosoever lies continuously, his beauty will disappear.
And whosoever speaks to a man with that which pleases him,
his honor diminishes.
He who is deep in thought, his body will weaken.
Whosoevers manner becomes bad, he punishes himself."

"It is reported that a pig passed by Jesus, peace be upon him,
so he said to it: 'Pass with peace.'
So the people asked: 'O spirit of Allah,
do you say this to a pig?'
He replied: 'I hate that I should make evil the habit of my tongue.'"

"Jesus, peace be upon him, was with his disciples
when they passed by a dog in the state of decomposition.
The disciples said: 'What is worse than the smell of the dog!'
But Jesus said: 'See the whiteness of its teeth."

"Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him,
passed by a tribe of Jews who shouted evil things at him.
But in return he said good words to them and was asked:
'They said evil things to you yet you replied with good!'
Whereupon he replied: 'Everyone spends from what he has.'"

"Do not take this life for a lord,
so that it takes you as its slave.
Save your treasure with the One who does not waste it,
because the company of the treasurer of this life fears
for it destructive things
whereas the company of the treasure of Allah
does not fear anything about it."

"O disciples, I have turned this world upside down
on its face for you,
so do not comfort it after me,
because the evil of this world is that Allah is disobeyed in it,
and it is so evil that the Hereafter is not to be reached
except by its refraining,
so cross over the world and do not re-inhabit it.
Realize that the root of each sin is the love of the world.
May the desire of one hour
make its people inherit a long sadness."

"I knocked the world down for you
and sat upon its back,
so do not let kings and women compete for you in it.
As for the kings do not compete with them
in the world because they will never approach you
as long as you have left them and their world.
As for women*, avoid them by fasting and prayer."

*Avoiding women, does not refer to wives, it refers to girlfriends and prostitutes.

"Life demands and it has been demanded.
So whosoever demands the Hereafter
life demands him
until he receives his complete sustenance.
And whosoever demands this life,
the Hereafter demands him until death
comes and takes him by his neck."

"Never in the heart of a believer
has the love of this life
and the love of the Hereafter been gathered,
just as water and fire are not gathered in one jug."

"It was said to Jesus, peace be upon him:
'Why don't you take a house to suffice you?'
He replied: 'The vanishing of those before us suffices.'"

"Jesus said: 'One day there was a lot of rain, thunder and lightning,
so he sought something to shelter in.
He saw a garden from afar so he went to it
and found a women there, so he avoid it.
Then he found a cave in a mountain so he went inside.
In it he found a lion so he put his hand over it and said;
'O Allah, you made for everything a resting place,
and You did not make one for me.'
So Allah revealed to him:
'Your resting place is in the center of My Mercy.
I swear I will let you marry on the Day of Judgement,
a hundred Hawra (ladies of Paradise) that I have created with My Hands,
and a feast for your marriage party, four thousand years,
a day from it is like a life span.
And I will order a herald to proclaim:
'Where are the people who went without in their life?
Come, visit the marriage of Jesus, son of Mary,
who went without all of his life.'"

"Waylun (a valley or well in Hell) for the company of life!
How is it that he dies and leaves it
with that which is in it?
It runs from him but he trusts it,
he trusts it and it disappoints him.
And Waylun is for those who deceive themselves.
How is it that they come to what they hate,
and left what they love,
and it comes to them what was promised.
Waylun is for he whose thought is this life,
and his deeds are sins.
Tomorrow will be famous because of his sin."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, passed through a village
and found that its people lay dead in its courtyards and roads,
so he said: 'O disciples, surely these people died
because of the chastisement of Allah.
If they had died from something else
they would have buried themselves.
So they said: 'O spirit of Allah, we wish we knew their story.'
So he asked Allah, the Most High,
and it was made known to him that
at night he should call them and they would answer.
When night came he stood upon a platform and called:
'O inhabitants of the village!'
And one answered him saying:
'Obedient with happiness for you, spirit of Allah.'
So he asked him about the matter and his story.
The person answered: 'We spent the night in comfort
and in the morning we were in Hell.'
Jesus inquired: 'How did this happen?'
He replied: 'By loving the world
and by being obedient to sinful people.'
Jesus asked: 'How was your love for the world?'
He replied: 'As the love of the child for his mother.
When she comes to him, he is happy with her,
but when she leaves he becomes sad and we cried over it.'
Jesus then asked: 'Why is it that your companions do not answer me?'
He replied: 'Because they have bits of fire in their mouths
held by the hands of strong angels.'
Jesus asked: 'How then you can answer me?'
He replied: 'I was amongst them,
but not one of them,
so when the chastisement came upon them
it included me as well.
I am suspended on the edge of Hell.
I do not know if I will be saved
or thrown in it on my face.'
Then, Jesus turned to his disciples and said:
'Eating the bread of ground barley with rock salt
and wearing hides, and sleeping upon garbage
is too much with the safety of this life and the Hereafter.'"

"Jesus was asked:
'Teach us one science by  which Allah will love us.'
He replied: 'Hate the world, then Allah will love you.'"

"O you who demand the world
in order to do righteous with it --
leaving the world is more righteous for you."

"O disciples, be satisfied with the minimum of the world,
with the safety of religion,
as the companions of the world are satisfied
with the minimum of religion
and the safety of the world."

"My bread is hunger,
my banner fear,
my clothes are wool,
and my prayer in winter is at sun rise,
and my lamp is the moon.
My ride is my legs,
my food and fruit whatever the earth produces.
I spend the night and have nothing,
I awake in the morning and have nothing,
and there is no one upon earth more richer than I."

"Jesus saw the world in reality.
He saw it in the image of an old woman,
toothless and heavily made-up.
He asked her: "How many times did you marry?"
She replied: 'I cannot count them!'
He asked: 'Are all of the dead, or did they divorce you?'
She answered: 'No, I killed them all.'
So Jesus, peace be upon him said:
'Suffering is for your remaining husbands,
how is it that they did not learn the lessons
from your previous husbands.
How is it that you destroy them one after another
yet they are not wary of you?"

"Life is a bridge, cross it
and do not reinhabit it."

"By the Truth I tell you,
as a sick person looks at food
and does not taste its pleasure
because of the severity of his pain,
the companions of the world are the same.
He neither receives pleasure by worship
and does not find its sweetness with what he finds
from the love of the world.
By the Truth I tell you,
surely the ride if it is not ridden and prepared
becomes difficult and its manner changed.
Hearts are the same,
if they are not softened by the remembrance of death
and the share of worshipping,
they become hard and tough.
By the Truth I tell you,
surely if the water-skin does not have a hole in it or is damaged,
it is about to be a place for honey.
Hearts are the same,
if the desire does not have a hole in it
and greed does not soil it,
and luxury does not make it hard,
soon it will be a jug of wisdom."

"The example of whosoever demands the world
is like those who drink sea water.
The more he drinks the more his thirst increases
until it kills him."

"In money there are three diseases:
That a person derives it from an illegal source.
If he derives it from a legal source but puts it in an illegal place.
Then he was asked: 'What if he puts it in a legal place?'
He replied: 'It makes him too busy to think of Allah.'"

"Increase your doing of a thing that the Fire does not consume.
Whereupon it was asked: 'What is that?"
Jesus replied: 'Favors.'"

"O scholars of evil. You fast, pray and pay charity,
but you do not practice what have been ordered to do,
and you teach what you do not know.
So what you decide is evil.
You seek repentance by statements and wishes
and you practice with desire.
Does it save you if your purify your skin
when your hearts are unclean?
By the Truth, I tell you,
do not be like a sieve from which good flour comes
and just the husks remain.
You produce wisdom from your mouths
yet malice remains in your chests.
By the Truth I tell you,
surely your hearts are crying over your deeds.
You made the world under your tongues,
and the good deeds under your feet.
By the Truth I tell you,
you have spoilt your Hereafter.
Mending this world is more beloved to you
than mending your Hereafter.
So which people are more lost than you, if you know?
Woe for you, but what time you keep describing the path
for the advance while you remain hesitating
as you invite the people of the world
in order that they leave it for you.
Slowly, slowly, woe to you!
What kind of  benefit is there for a dark house
that you put a lamp over its roof
yet inside there is loneliness and darkness.
The same does not benefit you.
The light of knowledge is upon your lips
yet your inner-self is dark and lonely.
O slaves of the world,
the world is about to shake you from your roots
and throw you upon your faces
and pull you on your noses,
then take your sins with your neck
and push you from your back to deliver
you to the King, the Collector,
while you are nude individuals
so He confronts you with your evil
and recompenses you with your evil deeds!"

"When any of you fasts,
let him oil his head and dress his hair
and mascara his eyes*."

*To hide the signs of hunger

"Tuba, a place in Paradise,
is for whosoever Allah teaches him His Book
and does not die as an oppressive tyrant."

"Tuba is for those who are humble in this life.
They are the owners of the pulpit
on the Day of Resurrection.
Tuba is for he that arbitrates between people in this life.
They are those who inherit Paradise on the Day of Resurrection.
Tuba is for those whose hearts are purified in this life.
It is they who look at Allah, the Highest,
on the Day of Resurrection."

"Allah made known to Jesus, peace be upon him:
'If I give you a favor,
receive it with tranquillity
so that I may complete it over you.'"

"The plant grows in the valley,
but does not grow on rocks."

"The quality of clothes is pride in the heart."

"Jesus, peace be upon him, said concerning the scholars of evil:
'He is likened unto a rock which has fallen into the mouth of a valley,
it neither absorbs water, nor does it let the water flow to the plants.
And an example of the scholars of evil is like a stagnant ditch,
its appearance is like brick, and it smells foul.
And they are like tombs,
their appearance is inhabited
yet in its inside are the bones of the dead."

"The disciples told Jesus, peace be upon him:
'Look at this temple, how beautiful it is.'
He replied: 'My nation, my nation,
with the Truth I tell you.
Allah does not leave from this temple
one erected stone on top of another
except that He will destroy it by the sins of it's inhabitants.
Surely, Allah does not care about gold and silver,
nor with these stones that you like.
The best things for Allah, the Most High, are good hearts.
With it Allah inhabits the heart and with it He desolates it
if the hearts are other than that."

"Whosoever becomes knowledgeable, practices and teaches it
is called great in the Kingdom of the Heavens."

"Do not hang jewelry around the necks of pigs.
Surely, wisdom is better than jewelry.
Whosoever hates it -- he is worse than pigs."

"Why is it that amongst the people of knowledge
journeying to the Hereafter turn to the path of this life.
Why is it that amongst the people of knowledge are those who talk
in order to inform others yet do not practice what they say."

"The example of he who learns knowledge and does not practice it
is like the example of a woman who committed adultery in secret,
then became pregnant.
And when her pregnancy became apparent she became ashamed.
Such is he who does not practice his knowledge.
Allah will make him ashamed on the Day of Resurrection
in front of the assembly."

"Whosoever turns away a beggar from his house,
causing him to be disappointed,
the angels will not enter his house for seven days."

"Jesus left a certain town to pray for rain.
When the people around him became disgruntled
Jesus said to them:
'Whosoever commits  sin amongst you let him return,
so all returned except one who remained with him in the desert.
So Jesus, peace be upon him, asked:
"Haven't you committed a sin?"
He replied: "By Allah, I never knew one except
that one day I was praying when a woman passed by
so I looked at her with this eye,
so after she had passed by I stuck my finger in my eye
and gouged it out, and followed the woman with it.'
So Jesus, peace be upon him, said:
'So supplicate to Allah until I say Ameen on your prayer.'
So he supplicated and the heavens drove the clouds
so it began to rain, and the people drank."

"O Allah, I am unable to push away what I hate
and I do not own the benefit of what I wish.
And the affairs came to the hands of other than me,
and I became captured by my deed.
So there is no one poorer than me in poverty.
O Allah, do not make my enemy happy and do not upset my friend,
and do not make my trial in my religion.
And do not make the world the greatest desire,
and do not help those over me who have no mercy towards me.
O You who is Everlasting."

"Jesus saw a man and asked him what he did.
The man replied: 'I worship.'
Whereupon Jesus asked: 'Who supports you?'
'My brother,' he replied.
Jesus said: 'Your brother is a better worshiper than you.'"

"Allah revealed to Jesus:
'If you worship Me
with all the worship of the inhabitants of the heavens and earth,
and there is no love in the Name of Allah
and there is no hate in the Name of Allah,
this will not benefit you a thing.'"

"Be loved by Allah
by hating sinful people.
Be close to Allah by being far from them,
and seek the pleasure of Allah in their displeasure.
They asked: 'O spirit of Allah,
who shall we sit with.'
He replied:
'Sit with whom your see reminds you of Allah.
And, with those who increase your (good) deeds by his sermon,
and whose deeds make you interested in the Hereafter."

The Sayings of Prophet Muhammad Concerning Jesus

Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, said:

"The first Messenger was Adam
and the last Muhammad.
The first Prophet to the Children of Israel was Moses
and the last, Jesus.
The first to write with a pen was Idris."

"John, the son of Zachariah, said to Jesus, son of Mary:
'You are the spirit of Allah
and His Word (Be) and
you are better than me.'
Jesus replied:
'You are better than me,
Allah bestowed peace upon you
but greeted me with peace.'"

"My late brothers, the Prophets, numbered eight thousand.
Then came Jesus, the son of Mary,
then I* came after him."

*Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him

"The best of the sons of Adam are five;
Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.
And Muhammad is the best of them."

"The devil touches each son of Adam
on the day his mother gives birth to him
except for Mary and her son."

"The devil strikes all the children of Adam
with his finger on their side when they are born
except Jesus, the son of Mary.
He (the devil), tried to strike
but struck a barrier."

"No child, from the children of Adam
is born that is not touched by the devil at birth,
and so, he begins to cry from the touch of the devil
except Mary* and her son."

* In the Holy Koran, mention is made of how the mother of the Virgin Mary supplicated to Allah asking Him for both refuge and protection for her child and descendant. The supplication was accepted and the devil had no recourse to Jesus. It also illustrates how the devil is standing in wait for us right from the moment of our innocent birth and draws our attention to the fact that we must take him seriously and ask Allah to prevent him from affecting our offspring.

"Every person that is born inherits the stroke of the devil.
Each child of Adam receives this strike except Mary and her son
because, when her mother gave birth to her she supplicated:
'I seek refuge with You for her and her descendant
from the exiled devil.'
Whereupon a barrier was placed before them,
so that the devil struck it (instead of the babies)."

"None spoke in the cradle except Jesus*,
the witness of Joseph,
the company of Jorayj,
and the son of the hairdresser of Pharaoh."

* Koranic stories narrate how Jesus spoke soon after his birth and also mention the baby who spoke in defense of Prophet Joseph.

"I (Prophet Muhammad) am the best of people in
kinship to Jesus, son of Mary
both in this world and in the Hereafter.
There is no Prophet between myself and him.
The prophets are the sons of many wives,
their mothers are different
but their religion is the same."

"Those of you who reach Jesus, son of Mary,
give him the greeting of peace from me."*

* This statement is directed at those living just before the end of the world after Prophet Jesus has descended at the Dome of the Rock, for more information about this important event please read our book on the internet "Jesus, Al Mahdi and the Anti-Christ".

"By those whom my spirit is in His Hand,
Jesus, the son of Mary, will start
his greater pilgrimage or lessor pilgrimage,
or both from Faj Alrawha'."

"Jesus, son of Mary,
saw a man steal something
so he asked him:
'Did you steal?'
The man replied:
'No by those who* (believe)
there is no god except He.'
So Jesus said:
'I believe in Allah and disbelieve my eyes.'"

* This prophetic saying (hadith) stresses the value Jesus placed on swearing by the One and Only God. On account of the man taking such a great oath, Jesus was prepared to disbelieve his own eyes, rather than disbelieve the man's oath. The other point in this saying is that the matter approached the man's conscience by means of embarrassment because he took a Holy oath to exonerate himself from his deed which was a far greater sin than that of theft.

"The food of Jesus was beans
until he ascended (alive to heaven)
and he did not eat anything
which was cooked by fire until he ascended."

"This night I have seen near Al Ka'ba a dark man,
the best man you can see from the dark men,
he had a fringe,
the best of fringes you could see.
He dressed it and there were drops of water falling from it.
He rested upon two men circumambulating the House
so I asked who it was.
It was said to me that it was Jesus, the son of Mary.
Then I saw another man whose hair was curly
and had one eye - the right eye was blind.
His eye floated like a grape
and it was said: 'He is the anti-Christ.'"

"Adam is in the worldly heaven (first heaven),
the actions of his descendants are presented to him
and Joseph is the second heaven,
and the two sons of the aunts (cousins),
John and Jesus are in the third heaven.
Idris is in the fourth heaven.
Aaron is in the fifth heaven,
Moses is in the sixth heaven
and Abraham is in the seventh heaven."

The Sayings of Allah, The Creator, Concerning Jesus

Reported by Prophet Muhammad

Allah, the Most-High said:

"O Jesus, I am your Lord
and the Lord of your forefathers.
My Name is One
and I am the only One.
I am alone creating everything
and everything is from My work
and all returns to Me."

"O Jesus, you are the anointed one by My command,
and you created from mud the image of a bird by My permission,
and you revive the dead by My Words -
so, be in need of Me
and fear Me.
You will find no refuge from Me except in Me."

"O Jesus, I recommend for you the recommendation
of the One Who is kind to you with mercy.
I decided to give you My friendship
by sending to you happiness so that you are blessed
when you are both young and old, and wherever you may be.
I bear witness that you are My worshipper
and the son of My female worshipper.
Put Me in the place of the worries within yourself,
and save the remembrance of Me for your appointment
(on the Day of Judgement)
and come close to Me by offering voluntary deeds,
and trust Me
and I will suffice you.
Do not turn to someone else
because then I will not help you."

"O Jesus, be patient with the trials,
and be satisfied with My plan
and be pleasant in yourself,
because My pleasure is that I am to be obeyed
and not disobeyed."

"O Jesus, restore My remembrance with your tongue
and let My kindness be in your heart.

O Jesus, awake in the hours of forgetfulness
and save for Me the unique wisdom."

"O Jesus, be a worshipper in need of Me,
and kill your heart with the fear of Me."

"O Jesus, watch the night
seeking My pleasure
and thirst throughout the day
for the sake of the Day* of your need before Me."

* The Day of Judgement

The Description of Prophet Muhammad in Christain and Jewish Heritage

"Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, My worshiper, the chosen,
will be neither impolite, rough or noisy in the market.
He will not reward evil with evil,
rather he will forgive and disregard.
His birth will be in Mecca
and his migration to Taba,
and his kingdom in Syria.
He and whosoever is with him
will wear a belt around his waist.
His preaching is the Koran (the Holy Reading)
and knowledge (Hadith),
and he will make ablution on his hands and feet."

"You do not reach what you love
except by your patience in that which you dislike."

"It has been said to you before
that age for age, nose for nose,
and I tell you do not resist evil with evil.
But whosoever beats you on your right cheek
so turn for him the left.
And whosoever takes your shirt give him your trousers.
And whosoever uses you to walk with him for a mile,
walk with him two miles."

"There was a highway man in the children of Israel
who robbed for forty years.
When Jesus passed by him with a disciple
the thief said to himself"
"This is the Prophet of Allah passing by
and with him is a disciple.
I will go down and become their third.'
So he went down in humility and tried to come close
to the disciple saying to himself:
'One like me should not walk like this with this worshiper.'
Then the disciple realized his presence
and said to himself: 'Does this person walk beside me?'
So he walked quickly on towards Jesus
and walked next to him
whilst the thief remained behind.
So Allah made known to Jesus, peace be upon him,
that since they both started to walk
He had annulled the sins of the thief,
and also annulled the good deeds of the disciple
on account of his pride.
So Jesus informed them and the thief
came close to him and journeyed with him,
then became one of his disciples."

"O disciples, you fear sins
and we, prophets fear disbelief."

"O disciples, fearing Allah and loving Paradise
lets a person inherit patience during strife,
and lets the person distance himself from the world.
By the Truth, I tell you surely eating weeds,
and sleeping upon garbage dumps
with dogs is so little in demanding Paradise."

"It has been reported that Jesus passed by on a journey
a man that slept under the cover of his coat.
Jesus awoke the man and said:
'O sleeper, sit up and remember Allah, the Most High,
so he said: 'What do you want from me,
I have left the world to its owners.'
So Jesus said to him:
'Then sleep my beloved.'"

"Surely, I love poverty and hate luxury,
and the best name he liked to be addressed with
was: O servile."

"Do not look to the wealth of the people of the world
because the glitter of their wealth
takes away the light of your faith."

"It was said to him:
'O Prophet of Allah,
if only you would order us to build a house
in which to worship Allah.'
He replied: 'Go and build a house on water.'
They inquired: 'How can a building be built on water?'
He answered: 'And how can worship be found
with the love of the world.'"

In conclusion we would also recommend you to read our translation of Al Mahdi, Jesus and the Anti-Christ.

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